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The team should have proper communication and there should not any overhead on each associate. The work needs to be shared and must be done parallelly. The process is adaptable to both business and technical challenges.


Extreme Programming

Extreme programming XP is quite helpful where there are frequent changes in the requirement and these changes can be incorporated easily. It is based on the object-oriented approach. It follows short releases for the product in its development life cycle.


Adaptive Software Development

Adaptive Software Development method is group of individuals tries to obtain a solution to a major problem which can be difficult for specific individual agents. More emphasis on group communication and adaptive collaborations.


Dynamic System Development Model DSDM

DSDM is a type of rapid application development approach where there are stringent timelines for delivery are met. The most important activity of DSDM is the user is involved actively and the team members are allowed to take decisions. Frequent delivery of releases is one of the characteristics of DSDM.



This is an agile software development model that focuses on the people in the team and their working rather than on processes and tools. Crystal model firmly believes that people skill, teamwork, and their communication is firmly important in product outcomes.


Feature Driven Development

As the name suggests FDD manages the software development process with iterations focused on “features”. These features may be necessarily the product features but also can be akin to the user stories which are there in the sprint.